Hair Removal Methods

Except on the palms on the hands, the soles of the feet, the lips and certain areas on the genitals hair grows all over the human body. Every hair is on its place for a reason but having hair on certain areas is regarded unacceptable. Thus removing hair from certain areas of the body such as under the armpit and legs is no longer a question. The only question that remains open regarding hair removal is what method to choose.

Hair removal methods can be generally divided on temporary and permanent hair removal in which the temporary options require perpetual repeating of the entire process of hair removal, while permanent solutions remove the unwanted hair for good. Temporary hair removal methods may last for hours, days or even weeks depending on the chosen method and one's hair re-growth cycle. The period of hairlessness also varies if the hairs were removed to the level of the skin or from the roots. Understandably, methods which remove the hairs from the roots such as waxing, sugaring, and epilators, in average provide longer period of hairlessness, in some people up to several weeks. However, removal of the hair with mentioned methods is usually more or less painful and for that reason people who have to repeat the removal after several days often choose less painful solutions such as shaving and removing the hair with cialis generique depilatories. Unfortunately, both methods only remove the hair from the surface of the skin and for that reason require more frequent repetition.

It is hard to imagine that hairy armpits and legs will be considered desirable anytime in the near future and for that reason permanent hair removal methods are very popular. Unfortunately, all permanent solutions such as electrolysis, intense pulse light and laser hair removal are very expensive what is probably the main reason why so many people are still insisting with daily shaving or tolerate painful pulling of the hair with the roots every once in a while.